Dodge & Burn Study

Today I felt like trying to see how far an image render can be pushed with just using dodge & burn for lighting and shading.
Since I am going to collaborate more on online gaming community boards, I decided to make Polycount.com my primarily home base. If your looking for an awesome community in the gaming scene, this is the best place to be!

Therefore I made this a tribute of their awesome mascot "Greentooth":

Inspiration and props go to KelkinAkelkepare who created an awesome Wallpaper which this study is based off. To see the full original piece click here.

Instead of recording the study process I made a "making of spreadsheet". If you have any question about the process do not hesitate to leave a comment or to email me.

Making of Greentooth:


Angelina Jolie Eye Study

To start of my "Art Study Blog" I decided to do a study of an eye likeness. Who would be better then the gorgeous Angelina Jolie. The study went for around 2H and starting from a square box. Watch my fast forwarded recording to see the process.



Watch the HD version on youtube: